Family Roles
Life Management

Adults benefit from assistance coordinating the many tasks and functions that must be completed at home, at school, in the workplace, and in social settings.  i can help tbi, LLC assists traumatic brain injury survivors to integrate and synthesize life within a setting, i.e. at home, and across settings, such as school, work, and at home.  Integrating life functions across settings utilizing personal planning and organizing strategies permits traumatic brain injury survivors to accomplish goals, enhance social interaction, and manage the residual effects of traumatic brain injury.

i can help tbi, LLC offers ideas and suggestions to design and implement appropriate systems and sub-systems for the challenges of daily life living with the residual effects of traumatic brain injury.  Meal scheduling, laundry preparation, household chores, and other requirements for personal daily care are critical to success and recovery. 

Compensatory strategies, personal planning, and learning to relax empower traumatic brain injury survivors and can minimize the anxiety that occurs in daily life. 

For example, in the workplace, preparing for the work day and ending the work day are as important as the work day itself.  Did you get enough sleep?  How was the commute?  What am I doing tomorrow? What are my priorities at work and how do I synthesize the demands at work with my personal life, home responsibilities, etc.  How is my energy level?

i can help tbi, LLC provides traumatic brain injury survivors and their families insight from the perspective of a traumatic brain injury survivor.  Human functioning, behavior, and consciousness are impacted by traumatic brain injury.