Support Groups

Traumatic brain injury support groups are an invaluable resource for survivors, caregivers, family, friends, etc.  The support groups can be viewed dimly initially by some participants. However, overcoming the initial hesitancy whether to attend is worthwhile.

Everyone at a TBI support group shares a common bond--the trauma of traumatic brain injury.  Some folks speak much at the meetings, others little or not at all.  The TBI support group can be the source of information-sharing, basis of friendships, and often serves to mitigate social isolation for individuals in the traumatic brain injury community.

Members of some support groups host get-togethers in addition to regular meetings, sometimes arranging trips to museums, sight-seeing, recreational activities, and restaurants.

To learn more about where and when a support group is meeting, contact your local brain injury association.  If a TBI support group is not available in your area, consider starting your own group.  The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) provides links to state brain injury associations.  Click here to link to Brain Injury Association of America.