Credits (above): National Science Foundation
Safety and Prevention

Helmet Safety

Snell Memorial Foundation
Use your head, wear a helmet

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Bicycle helmet design, proper fit, and research and statistics

World Health Organization Health Initiative

Driver Safety

Driver Safety
Driver safety resources from the National Safety Council


Safe Kids USA
Preventing accidental injury

National Transportation Safety Board Kids Site
Get Hooked on Safety!

U.S. Forest Service Just for Kids

Fall Prevention

Safety Checklist
Courtesy: Brain Injury Association of Minnesota

Lightning and Pool Safety

Wikipedia Site for Keraunomedicine

Human Voltage: What Happens When People and Lightning Converge
NASA lightning safety web site.

Lightning Safety Institute

Frequently Asked Question About Lightning
NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Injury Frequency Associated with Motorcycle Crashes
Courtesy: Richard Alcorta, MD and National Transportation Safety Board

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyle Helmet Use Laws
Courtesy: Highway Loss Data Institute of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


Sports-Related Head Injury
American Association of Neurological Surgeons


Safe Boating Council
Safe and enjoyable boating through education, training and shared resources