Residual Effects of TBI


Brain Injury: The Golden Years

Anger Management

Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, anger problems, and anger management failures require the power of compassion to produce lasting effects.

The Dana Foundation
Post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury: Healing the battered brain.

Biomechanics of Traumatic Brain Injury

Massachusetts General Hospital for Children
Explains traumatic brain injury affects the motor, cognitive and mood centers in the brain.

Brain Injury Assoc. of Utah
General information about types and levels of traumatic brain injury.

Mayo Clinic
Defines and explains traumatic brain injury and offers coping and support tips.

Communication Disorders

The National Aphasia Association
Impairment of the ability to use or comprehend words, usually acquired as a result of a stroke or traumatic brain injury.


Fatigue and TBI

Impulse Control

Impulse Control Disorders
Courtesy: Stephen J. Hucker, MB, BS, FRCP(C), FRCPsych


Memory Processes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Perseveration Tutorial
Courtesy: Brain Injury Assoc. of New York State.

Psychological Health

Shepherd Pratt

Mental Health Association

Seizure Disorders

Post-Traumatic Seizure Disorders Following Head Injury


American Sleep Association
Promotes public awareness about sleep health.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Sleep education and sleep resources.

Social Isolation

Women Living with Traumatic Brain Injury: Social Isolation, Emotional Functioning and Implications for Psychotherapy