Assistance Dogs
Credits (above): Liflander Photography

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Traumatic brain injury can impact human functioning.  Individuals and families must address myriad issues, including cognitive functioning, emotional regulation, personal organization, and life management. 

When appropriate, assistance dogs can and do 
dramatically improve the lives of men, women, and children impacted by traumatic brain injury.

Assistance dog is the general term for all dogs that help humans perform specfic life functions.

Guide dogs assist humans who have a visual impairment, including partial or total blindness.  Service dogs assist humans who have a mobility impairment.  Hearing dogs assist humans who have a hearing impairment.  Seizure response and/or seizure detection dogs assist humans who have seizure disorders.  Autism dogs assist humans who have autism.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Guide dogs and autism dogs.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind
Guide dogs.

The Seeing Eye
Guide dogs.

Leader Dogs for the Blind
Guide dogs.

Canine Companions for Independence
Service dogs.

Canine Assistants
Seizure-response and/or alert dogs and service dogs.

Texas Service and Hearing Dogs

Hero Dogs, Inc.
Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs International
Coalition of not for profit organizations that train and place assistance dogs.

Veterinary Resources

Custom orthotic & prosthetic mobility solutions.

Credit: Liflander Photography