Personal Organization
The Foundation of Life

i can help tbi, LLC 
provides traumatic brain injury survivors ideas and suggestions that will enhance personal organization.  Traumatic brain injury survivors can manage and synthesize the multiple tasks associated with personal organization.  Mastering the basic functions of personal organization, to include personal grooming, cooking, resting, etc. establishes a foundation to enhance life opportunities and functions at school, work, and in social settings.

Integrating personal organization life functions while simultaneously managing waxing and waning effects of fatigue due to traumatic brain injury can be difficult, yet empowering when achieved.

Ridding the environment of clutter and unneeded objects is healthy.  For example, multiple attempts to locate objects, such as keys, increases fatigue and frustration.  The foundation for success is the ability to locate keys consistently, freeing-up energy to doing something fun or to get some work done.  Also, the ability to retrieve clothing that is clean and organized is important.  Clothing that cannot be located, or when there is no clean clothing to wear to school or work, going to school or work can be difficult--and at times, could be demoralizing.

Another important task is to define and design comfortable and quiet rest and sleep spaces at home--and get some rest!  Regular and adequate rest and sleep really enhances long-term traumatic brain injury recovery.

i can help tbi, LLC empowers clients with appropriate systems and sub-systems for the challenges of daily life with traumatic brain injury.  Meal scheduling, laundry preparation, household chores, cleaning the bathroom, and making the bed, plus other requirements for personal daily care are critical to the other measures of success and recovery in traumatic brain injury.

Sleep & Rest